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GEYL Mission Statement

To develop ongoing friendships and the necessary skills for the play of baseball and softball as a sport. It is to instill in the youth of this community the ideals of good sportsmanship, honesty, loyalty, courage, and respect for authority, so they may be well-adjusted, stronger, and happier youth and grow to be decent, healthy, and trustworthy adults. GEYL is responsible for providing equal access and opportunity to all youth, regardless of race, creed, color, religion, or ethnic background. Directors, officers and members shall bear in mind that stressing winning or exceptional athletic skills is secondary and that the development of basic baseball/softball skills, friendship and the type of leadership extended to youth is the primary goal.

GEYL acknowledges that there are several options for organized summer league baseball and softball. We are happy you chose GEYL. In order to make this season the most beneficial for your player, the following guidelines, suggestions and rules are offered:

Age Determination Date

GEYL offers a wide range of age groups for baseball and softball.

GEYL offers single age divisions in baseball from age 6 through 12. Baseball players age 13, 14 and 15 play together in the 15 year old division. The age determination date for baseball is April 30th. The age determination date for softball players is December 31st. Softball divisions are: 8 and under; 10 and under; 12 and under; 16 and under. It is acceptable, but not encouraged, for a player to play in a higher age division. Parents who want their child to “play up” must consider the social, mental and physical capabilities of their child in competition against players who may be two full years older. Playing down an age division is never allowed. Please know that falsifying or misrepresenting a child’s date of birth may necessitate an expulsion of the child from the program. Also, a copy of the player’s birth certificate should be available immediately upon request. Please locate your player’s birth certificate before the season, in case it is requested.

Softball / Baseball

Generally, girls play in the fast pitch softball league and boys play baseball. However, it isn’t uncommon for girls to register for baseball, especially in the younger divisions. Boys, on the other hand, do not play fast pitch softball.


All in-town player registration requests are honored on a first come first serve basis.

Generally, only the first 12 requests will be added to the roster before the deadline. A 13th player may be added if player population requires. Coaches will receive their rosters by the second week of April and practices may begin the next week. Your patience is appreciated. On-line registration begins at 3:00 pm on the Tuesday following Martin Luther King Day. After the April 1st deadline, a $25 late fee will be assessed, and players are wait-listed until spots become available.



When you register online, you will enter a user ID and password. After teams are formed, the roster, practice information, and schedule will be accessible through the site.



If you’d like to coach a team, please fill out the following form as soon as possible with the age division you’d like to coach. You will receive an email requesting information for a routine background check from We Screen USA. Thank you!


The GEYL annual meeting and election of officers is held the third Thursday in September at 7:00 pm in the league office, 6501 W 20 Street, Greeley.

RON CHACON, President
TAMI GRANT, Vice President
SUE MCKERN, Secretary
ROCKY BYRD, Director of Softball
RYAN BLAHAUVIETZ, Director of Baseball


6501 W 20th Street, Greeley

Phone: (970) 339-8286

Fax: (970) 330-1952

Web: League Registration